Chef Jean Luc L’Hourre, honored by the prestigious award « Meilleur Ouvrier de France » in 2000.

In love with gastonomy

Cooking lover since he’s teenage, Jean Luc L’Hourre have been honored in 2000 by the prestigious award « Meilleur Ouvrier de France M O F », near Brest in Brittany. He has worked in the most prestigious restaurants like Taillevent, Lasserre and La Tour d’Argent. He has been 3 times in the Michelin Guide which is a real recognition of his talent. He used to share his know-how at the prestigious Paul Bocuse Institute in Lyon as well.

Passionate by seafood and fresh fish, Chef L’Hourre arrives at Hotel Marinca end of 2013, to share his passion, know-how and precision of his culinary Art. Marinca is the only hotel in Corsica to welcome a “M O F” .

Gastronomic restaurant and beach restaurant Chef L’Hourre propose a flavoury and talented cuisine realized with fresh products essentially from the island. A gastronomic cook as nice as tasty for our guest pleasure.

caviar et Chef Jean-Luc L'Hourreplats gastronomiquesChef Jean-Luc L'Hourre

Fresh and delicat cuisine

At the fine dining « La Verriere » restaurant, taste as a starter the court-bouillon Breton lobster, with its celeriac and Granny Smith remoulade dressing, perfumed oil and virgin sauce. As a main course sea bass cooked on the skin and Crystallized lemon, grape sauce, and to finish as a desert taste the Gariguette strawberry verbena and licorice, meringue, lime Chantilly and strawberry sorbet.

At the beach restaurant « La Paillote », for example taste the U Furmagliu salad with Corsican ewe and goat cheese, green salad and fig jam, or a fresh grilled sea bream with a vegetables wok cooking style, pasta, French fries… You will be to damn for our made in Corsica sundae with yogurt ice cream, sweet chestnut, chestnut purée, meringue and whipped cream.

plat gastronomiquegâteau gastronomique au chocolat