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The Bar

The Bar

With a chic and cosy atmosphere, the Panoramic Bar offers creative cocktails renewed everyday. On its panoramic terrace that overhang Valinco bay and mediterranean sea, spend an unforguettable moment in a timeless and magical area.
The Bar

The Bar

Real living space, the Panoramic bar is an area of sharing and meeting. You will discover it at your arrival, have a sit.. read a book, discuss...
You will discover our barman original creations.
The Bar

Cocktail beach

Beach Party

Enjoy the atmosphere of the late afternoon summer day. Everyday the Paillote offers a Cocktail Beach aperitif - Happy hour - from 6pm. Feet in the sand, tast the delicious cocktails : Bellini, Mojitos, Home made Sangria - with or withour alcohol ! An excellent way to start the evening.

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